Sure, I may not be beautiful and perfect on the outside, but inside I am yearning for a forever home where I’ll receive lots of love and companionship. I watch you go by and hear you whisper “what’s wrong with that bird”? Nothing’s wrong with me, I’m perfect inside can’t you see that? All my friends that appear perfect on the outside have forever homes. When will my turn come? Wait a minute here comes someone, no they’re not interested in me, maybe next time.

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Feather Loss Myths

  • Feather loss is always due to an illness
  • Feathers will never grow back
  • Other birds may start to lose feathers if associated with birds with feather loss
  • These birds won’t fit in with the birds I already have
  • Unlikely that they will be a good companion bird


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Feather Loss Facts

  • Feather loss can be caused from over preening of a mate
  • Feather loss can be attributed to a poor diet, unsuitable environment
  • Feather loss occurs when a bird is in a stressful situation
  • Feather loss can be a result of loneliness, abusive behaviour by humans
  • Feather loss can happen as a result of separation anxiety
  • Feather loss for some birds will be permanent the follicles close due to excessive plucking
  • Feather loss can occur due to illness and not being treated by an avian veterinarian


Feather Loss Example

Jamais and Miel – Lutino and Grey Cockatiels. Jamais (Lutino) and Miel (Grey) joined Greyhaven on March 24, 2004.
Problem: Miel was over preened by her mate Jamais.

Jamais and Miel progressed wonderfully and Miel had grown all of her feathers back.
Solution: They were placed in separate cages next to each other and enjoyed supervised playtime with each other.