Hi again from Tyler!  Do you think I’m cute?  (What a question!  How could you possibly NOT?)

Well, there are several terrific lovebird pairs from the World Parrot Refuge that are even cuter than me – OK, I’m being modest; let’s just say they are AS cute as me – and they are still waiting for a family to love them. I know all of these lovebirds, since we used to hang out together, so trust me when I say they are fabulous!

Just like me they want the opportunity to have their own home and to enjoy time out of their cage.  Like me, many of them have old injuries, and some of them are getting on in years, but it’s time for them to be as spoiled as I am.  Some of them are not as trusting of people as I am, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a wonderful addition to your family.  Did I mention they’re cute?

If you think you might be the right person, or people, to give these guys the love they deserve, please fill out an adoption application.  Thanks so much from one very-loved little gal.