Three Options for Bird Sitting Should You Need to Fly in a Hurry

by Sally

Although none of us want to find ourselves in a hospital, we all have a plan in case the situation arises. You know who to contact, where to go, and who will take care of the house. But have you thought of who will take care of your winged friend? Birds are harder than dogs and cats to find a sitter for so it takes a little more effort than simply planning to leave your beaked pal with your neighbor. The neighbor might not understand how to love and care for such a unique pet, so here are some bird sitting options available in Vancouver during your time of need.


PACT, or People + Animals = Companions Together, offers a hospital foster program specifically for pets whose owners become hospitalized. The program will match your buddy with a foster family that will ensure their care until you are healthy and fit. PACT will facilitate the arrangement with a Foster Agreement that will outline the terms of the relationship and protect you and your bird. During the foster term, PACT will also stay in contact with the foster family to ensure the pet is in a loving environment and to help the family with any issues they may have.

Bird Daycare

Just like any child, you can take your bird to day care while his or her parents are away. In Vancouver, the Night Owl Bird Hospital provides 24/7 bird care so that you know your winged fella is being properly taken care of. The Early Bird Daycare, also in Vancouver, is another parrot sitting care service that will make your bird feel at home while you’re away. They conduct initial consultation visits to meet you and your bird to make sure it is a perfect fit, and treat your bird with love while you’re in the hospital. They will receive bird baths, fresh food and water three times a day, and daily cage cleaning and bird baths.

Online Pet Sitting Apps

In today’s modern times, you can find anything you need with just a push of a button. This also extends to pet sitting services. These pet sitting sites will either find you a pet-friendly hotel near you, or a bird sitter that will watch your pet in their own home until you get out of the hospital.

  • Pet Care Services: This app will use the GPS enabled on your phone to find the nearest pet-friendly hotels across Canada. You can phone or email a nearby hotel and then navigate there using Google maps.
  • is one of the largest services for finding caregivers of all kinds. All you have to do is type the care you need and for how long and the app will find local caregivers who can take care of your bird while you’re in the hospital.

Each of these services will provide your bird with love and care while you’re in the hospital so that you will have one less thing on your plate to worry about.