Fun fundraising ideas:

• Your birthday: Birthdays are the perfect way to gather donations for a shelter. Everyone wants to be nice to you on your birthday, right? You could set up a fundraising website, using something like or check out the top 6 Canadian crowdfunding sites at the National Crowd Fundraising Association (NCFA) to raise money throughout the month of your birthday, or you can ask anyone attending your birthday party to bring a gift for the shelter instead of for you.

• Your wedding: It’s getting more popular to have a no-gifts wedding registry, with the happy couple asking for donations to favourite charities. Your wedding registry could revolve around helping parrots in need. You can set up a registry page with monetary donations going straight to the rescue, or you can ask guests to bring something to donate that you can drop off later. Or both!

• Your party: Throwing a party? Add a special request for folks to bring something to donate to the shelter, or set up a jar for raising money next to the snack platter (or better yet, the drinks station). It’s an easy add-on to an event you’re already hosting.

• At work: Put up a glass jar with a sign on your desk or countertop, and send out an email to coworkers asking for donations for a week. Or take it a step further by organizing a supplies donation drive, bake sale, raffle or other fundraising drive for a week or more.