In early June, Greyhaven became involved with removing 584 parrots from the World Parrot Refuge in Coombs BC.  The charity that had supported the refuge had become defunct due to the death of its founder and the resignation of several board members.  Conditions at the refuge were deplorable,  the birds were living in dark, dirty and rat infested enclosures. There were many birds who were mutilating, injured due to fighting, ill and in desperate need of medical care. Anyone who had visited the refuge in the past would know that this was not a new situation; however, the birds were really in critical danger. The SPCA was involved and had many recommendations and requirements to alleviate the distress the birds were living in.  After assessing the situation, Greyhaven directors came to the conclusion that the only option was to get the birds out of the refuge and into a safer, cleaner environment.On Tuesday July 26 the last of the parrots was removed from the refuge after staff arrived to find all the locks had been changed with birds remaining inside.  After tense moments and negotiation, we were able to gain access to the building and get the remaining 38 birds to safety.

The past 2 months have been a roller coaster ride of politics, stress, tears, some happy moments and a lot of extremely hard work by volunteers and staff alike. We have had an incredible outpouring of support from generous donors like you and without that support this would not be possible.

Is this story over? No absolutely not.  We are now in possession of 550+ birds and providing for their daily needs and all medical care.  You can help provide a bright future and a new start for these birds by donating to their care. With your generous support we can ensure that their daily needs are met and the veterinary care that they have been denied for years is provided.

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refuge parrotsTHE REFUGE PARROTS

The parrots came to the refuge for a wide variety of reasons, and the refuge continued to take in birds as late as February 2016 when it’s founder was in palliative care.  With no money and no succession plan, these birds were in serious jeopardy.

When Greyhaven arrived in early June, the scene we were met with was truly heartbreaking. Although the staff were caring and shared the same concerns that we did, they were overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to care for so many birds and had little financial support to do so. The refuge was in very poor condition and the rats were making steady progress at taking over the building. Wires had been chewed by both rats and parrots and an electrical fire was a real possibility

grey-how-canHOW CAN YOU HELP? 

Our greatest need is for financial support.  We are currently renting a property at $3000 per month to house these birds. Greyhaven has never had paid staff before, we have always been 100% volunteer operated, but due to the magnitude of this project, we have assumed some of the staff and salaries from the World Parrot Refuge costing  $10,000 per month. Our invoice for veterinary care is currently at $125,000 and while that might seem high, it works out to about $229 per bird. Feeding the parrots costs about $2500 monthly and we are relying on the generosity of Superstore in Nanaimo to support the flock there. To date we have not secured a produce donor in the Lower Mainland.  In addition to these major expenses we are also paying for garbage collection, pest management and security.

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iago-poorThis is Iago when we first met him at the refuge. Iago is a Moluccan Cockatoo. He was wearing a horribly dirty sock to prevent him from mutilating, his feathers were in very poor condition and he had a look of defeat in his eyes.





iago-newThis is Iago today. Although he will always require special attention to ensure that he doesn’t mutilate himself, he is a loving, friendly and happy Cockatoo.


volunteerWe need volunteers in both our Nanaimo and Maple Ridge locations. Shifts are available for both morning and afternoon/early evening.  If you have a few hours to spare monthly please email us.  While our goal is to find loving forever homes for all of the birds, this will take time.  The birds are out of the Coombs refuge, and this required an incredible amount of work.  But in a way the work has just begun.


adoptDo you have room in your home and heart for one more – just one more? One more parrot, that is. The birds from the World Parrot Refuge are big parrots, small parrots, healthy parrots, some with medical issues, young parrots, old parrots, perfect parrots, and some not-so-perfect. Some are very social, while others do not enjoy the company of humans, and may never do so. But all of them need, and deserve, our love and care.

WPR Parrots:

If you are interested in adopting a WPR parrot, please fill out the Greyhaven Adoption Form- CLICK HERE. If you are interested in helping parrots in your area please go to the Parrot Rescue Directory- CLICK HERE

Type of Bird Adoption Fee Cage & Accessories
Small $150.00 and up Extra
Medium $400 and up Extra
Large $500.00 and up Extra

* All prices are in Canadian dollars and cages are only included where noted. Vet checks are necessary.

All adoption fees go directly back to the sanctuary to help cover operating costs and education programs.  If you are interested in adopting one (or more) of our flock, please complete the  Adoption Application Form (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Our Adoption Policies

We do not…

  • Unfortunately we cannot adopt birds to the United States. Due to legislation it is extremely difficult to adopt and/or take birds across the border. If you live in the United States and wish to adopt a bird, please contact The Gabriel Foundation that is based in the USA as they may be able to help you find a rescue that is closer to where you live. For more information read our documentation: American-Canadian Adoption Information.
  • OFFER SAME DAY ADOPTIONS – please see our Adoption Form for full details of our adoption process.
  • SEPARATE BIRDS WITH MATES – if a bird has a mate, they must be adopted together.

Sponsor a Bird

Do you love birds but can’t have one for a companion? Consider sponsoring one of our many beautiful birds. Your sponsorship fee includes a picture and certificate acknowledging your support. All funds received go directly to Greyhaven for the care of our flock. CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR

This is where you come in, and you, and you, etc. If each of us could make room for just one more we’d solve the problem. Interested? If so, please contact Greyhaven. We will do an assessment of each applicant to ensure that you and your chosen one are a good fit.Room for one more.  I’m making room for one more in late August, when little Tyler, a lovebird, will be joining my small flock.  How about you? Just one more. You have the power to change a life.

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We appreciate all offers of assistance but adoptions are not available at this time. Please keep an eye on this page for future announcements.

WPR Parrots:

If you are interested in adopting a WPR parrot, please fill out the Greyhaven Adoption Form- CLICK HERE. If you are interested in helping parrots in your area please go to the Parrot Rescue Directory- CLICK HERE

Greyhaven also has several wee souls in need of homes. Please consider adopting or sponsoring a Greyhaven parrot or a parrot at your local rescue.



We have had many questions about adopting birds to the U.S. and there seems to be a lot of misinformation going around. We have thoroughly researched this and have found many obstacles. Aside from the expense, paperwork and inability to properly screen potential adopters, there is a requirement that each bird must be in isolation from other birds for 90 days before they can cross the border. I’m sure everyone can understand that this is simply not possible.

We are truly grateful for all the offers of help, we are just not in the position to accept them.If you are interested in helping parrots in your area please go to the Parrot Rescue Directory- CLICK HERE



Send us your info@greyhaven.bc.ca