Parrots from Coombs

Hundreds of parrots are now up for adoption after the last of the birds were safely removed from Vancouver Island’s World Parrot Refuge. There was a time crunch to get the birds out of the refuge, and now the adoption process will press ahead.

The character observations that are/will be posted are based on volunteer interaction. If you have any questions about the observations or these amazing feathered individuals contact us today! Please fill out our contact form and we can find out more details for you.

Personality & Behavior of Amazonslearn-more

Amazon parrots typically play hard. An Amazon parrot might swing upside down from the cage, delight in destroying their wooden toys and even wrestle their owner’s hand with their beak. An Amazon parrot’s mood is one of the easiest to read among parrot species because it is excellent at expressing itself through its body language: pinning eyes, raised head/neck feathers, fanned tail feathers and broad stance. Pay attention to the body language.