• For WPR bird care / cleaning – Ladner
  • For Greyhaven bird care / cleaning – South Delta
  • For fundraising
  • For Greyhaven poster distribution – all areas of BC/Canada/US (CLICK HERE FOR PDF POSTER)

Volunteering can be a very rewarding and fun experience.

Our organization is solely operated by volunteers who generously devote their valuable time to the well being of the birds that are under the care and protection of Greyhaven. We are strongly committed to the welfare of our birds and dedicate each and every day to providing the highest level of care. No member of Greyhaven receives monetary remuneration, including the Board of Directors.

Your contribution can help us continue doing our valuable work for homeless birds and work with in the community. Any time you could give would be greatly appreciated. We have various areas that we need help in.

    • volunteer at education and pet therapy sessions
    • volunteer on the Funds for Feathers
    • volunteer with special events and fundraisers

How to Become a Volunteer

Are you interested in becoming a Greyhaven volunteer? These are the basic steps that are taken if an individual is interested in becoming a volunteer.

1. Potential volunteers are asked to fill out a volunteer application.

2. Applications are reviewed by a Volunteer Coordinator.

3. Volunteers accepted into the volunteer program are assigned to a volunteer position of interest.

4. At the shelter volunteers will receive hands-on instruction, from experienced volunteers, until they become comfortable handling their responsibilities.

Please contact us with any questions or for further details. You can find the application here: Volunteer Application Form