Dr. Anne McDonald, D.V.M. – Avian Medicine Director
Dr. McDonald D.V.M. is an executive board member providing veterinarian care to all our birds and is integral to all medical alerts which are of public concern. 

Melanie Walker President
Melanie was appointed President of Greyhaven in 2000 and has been an active member and volunteer since 1998.As a result of Melanie’s dedication, Greyhaven has evolved into a highly respected and recognized society committed to education, community services, and acting in liaison with other agencies to promote Greyhaven’s many programs.Melanie’s managerial and administrative background has been integral to the implementation of these programs and through the strong team she has helped to assemble; the future of Greyhaven has no boundaries. 

Jenny Tamas Adoptions Director
Director of Adoptions was a natural fit for Jenny. After 33 years in the airline industry, Jenny has mastered the ability to balance patience and compassion through strong listening and problem solving skills.Her focus with Greyhaven has solely been on bringing a balance to Greyhaven’s ever increasing intake of companion birds versus adoptions out.She brings many specific skills that are necessary to the position. Her experience, knowledge and skills are a very welcome addition to the Greyhaven team. 

Kate Prusova – Administration Director

Robin FioreseCommunications Director
Robin became the Director of Communications in 2004 in order to meet the ever increasing demand of responding to public inquiries.This is a very demanding position and requires an individual who possesses strong organizational skills, ability to prioritize matters of urgency, and responding to or forwarding emails, telephone calls and all correspondence to the appropriate director in a timely manner.Robin’s mandate is to provide consistency in all information given to the public and to improve all communication systems.Her experience, knowledge and skills in operating her business venture have been an invaluable asset to Greyhaven.

Catherine – Business Development Director & Facebook Moderator
Catherine joined Greyhaven in 2008 as a volunteer at the shelter. Her career as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator has her traveling away from home frequently but she always has time for our flock.Catherine and her husband are owned by 2 Quaker parrots, Quincy and Kiki.  Kiki is a former Greyhaven bird who worked her way into their hearts.Her role as Facebook Moderator for Greyhaven allows her to share her commitment to avian health, nutrition and well-being with our Facebook followers.Catherine’s mandate is to use Facebook to provide information about Greyhaven and its programs, education and bird care tips, mixed in with a little fun and humor.


Jan Robson Education Coordinator & Newsletter
Jan joined Greyhaven as a volunteer in 2003. She brings to the position many years of experience volunteering in the non-profit sector, including 10 years with Orphaned Wildlife. Her professional background includes working with violent offenders; currently she is the Provincial Education Coordinator at the Alzheimer Society of B.C. As the Education Coordinator for Greyhaven she is responsible for organizing educational and pet therapy presentations.
2015profileN-web Nancy Brady Marketing & Website
Nancy came to Greyhaven as a volunteer offering her many talents, and a desire to promote Greyhaven as a first class non-profit society. For 9 years Nancy served as the Marketing and Business Development Director. As Director of Marketing, Nancy’s roles included constructing and implementing marketing strategies and objectives, design of printed collateral, social media, our website and developing corporate relationships.

In 2012 Nancy’s professional life changed greatly when she started a new business with her husband. She has stepped down as the Marketing and Business Development Director to focus her energy on her new company, but will be staying on to do our graphic design and website. Nancy’s bio includes 8 years as a Graphic Artist with CTV Saskatchewan, promotions, sales and marketing. Nancy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Visual Arts Degree and has completed her Commercial Property Marketing Certificate.

 alex Alex –  Membership Coordinator 
Alex has extensive experience in digital marketing and customer relationship management that will make her very successful as our Membership Coordinator.If you are interested in becoming a member or sponsoring a bird, email Alex at:

Bree –  Financial and Funds for Feathers Coordinator 
Bree started as a Greyhaven volunteer in 2005.  She is an avid supporter of all animal and environmental causes. As the Funds for Feathers Coordinator, Bree and her team of have distributed Greyhaven donation cans to many locations in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.Parrot Patrol is a successful fundraising division of Greyhaven. Donation tins in a variety of businesses bring in much needed contributions and they also strengthen awareness of Greyhaven to the general public. Bree’s background of 30 years airline sales and management experience has proved beneficial in seeking new Parrot Patrol opportunities and maintaining excellent relationships with those who already support Greyhaven’s flock.If you are interested in placing a can at your work, email Bree at:  or


Tracy – Fundraising Coordinator
Stepping into the role of Fundraising Coordinator, Tracy is eager to connect with Greyhaven’s donors, current and new, to share the impact of their support and the joy that is happy, healthy parrots. She brings 10 years of experience in animal rescue, and as many years of professional experience as a legal assistant and paralegal, to the role and is thrilled to combine skills from both fields for the birds.

Carol – Petfinder 
Carol was appointed Director of Administration in 2001 to facilitate the restructuring of Greyhaven in the administrative sector. Carol took her extensive experience to the president’s position where she was very successful.Carol then moved to Kelowna. Greyhaven has been fortunate enough to have Carol stay involved updating our Petfinder listings. 

We are always looking for more volunteers. You can donate as much or as little time as you wish. Some options include: help at the sanctuary or fund raising events, donating handicrafts for fundraising, assist a director, foster a small bird, etc. – wherever your interests lay! If you would like to donate your time, please complete the  Volunteer Application Form.

More Volunteer’s smiling faces coming soon :)

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